Guideline On How To Tip Your Limo Driver

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Indeed, the majority of us are aware of the 20% general tipping rule when we dine in restaurants. But there are other services that can make us confuse when it comes to tipping, just like the limo drivers.Limo drivers are part of the customer service industry. They drive to earn money. Most of their time is spent accommodating clients and escorting them to events. Moreover, they do their best to drive the clients to places to meet their deadlines.According to search engines, the average salary of a limo driver for a year is around $30,000. This numbers will vary according to their location, industry, clients, and company that the driver works for. Research shows that limo drivers can earn only $11 for each hour. This payment is higher than the average minimum wage but the payment is still minimal.As such, limo drivers rely on tips given to them by their customers. This is a customary practice for most of the employees in the service industry. This includes the bellhops, waiters, baristas, and drivers.As such, in this article, you will learn about how much should you give as a tip to your limo driver:

Ask the Limo Rental Company

Before you provide a tip for your limo driver, you can go ahead and check the limo Canberra company if the tip has been automatically included in your bill. It is your choice if you want to give more to your limo driver than the amount you are paying in your bill. This is especially true if he had exceeded your expectations.

20% Tip

Just like any other service, you have to base your amount with the level of service provided. In general, the standard is giving 15% to 20% of the total amount of the services as the tip. If the services provided are below the standard, you can provide at least % 10 tips to the driver. However, it is still best to communicate with the limo company to report any issues that you have experienced which have prompted you in giving a low tip.The 20% tip will be based on the total amount of the limo rental. It will seem generous to give your limo driver a $20 tip for limo airport transfers Sydney, but remember that a limo rental can only be $100. If the limo rental is $500, then giving the limo driver with a tip of $100 is an excellent idea.

Length of the Trip

It will be unfair to tip your driver the same amount for driving five miles and thirty miles. The long the miles, the bigger the tip. That’s the general rule.

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