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Indeed, the majority of us are aware of the 20% general tipping rule when we dine in restaurants. But there are other services that can make us confuse when it comes to tipping, just like the limo drivers.Limo drivers are part of the customer service industry. They drive to earn money. Most of their time is spent accommodating clients and escorting them to events. Moreover, they do their best to drive the clients to places to meet their deadlines.According to search engines, the average salary of a limo driver for a year is around $30,000. This numbers will vary according to their location, industry, clients, and company that the driver works for. Research shows that limo drivers can earn only $11 for each hour. This payment is higher than the average minimum wage but the payment is still minimal.As such, limo drivers rely on tips given to them by their customers. This is a customary practice for most of the employees in the service industry. This includes the bellhops, waiters, baristas, and drivers.As such, in this article, you will learn about how much should you give as a tip to your limo driver:

Ask the Limo Rental Company

Before you provide a tip for your limo driver, you can go ahead and check the limo Canberra company if the tip has been automatically included in your bill. It is your choice if you want to give more to your limo driver than the amount you are paying in your bill. This is especially true if he had exceeded your expectations.

20% Tip

Just like any other service, you have to base your amount with the level of service provided. In general, the standard is giving 15% to 20% of the total amount of the services as the tip. If the services provided are below the standard, you can provide at least % 10 tips to the driver. However, it is still best to communicate with the limo company to report any issues that you have experienced which have prompted you in giving a low tip.The 20% tip will be based on the total amount of the limo rental. It will seem generous to give your limo driver a $20 tip for limo airport transfers Sydney, but remember that a limo rental can only be $100. If the limo rental is $500, then giving the limo driver with a tip of $100 is an excellent idea.

Length of the Trip

It will be unfair to tip your driver the same amount for driving five miles and thirty miles. The long the miles, the bigger the tip. That’s the general rule.

We need the help of a shipping company when we have a business of import and export. Carrying on this business is not easy. We have to go through a whole process in ending or receiving goods and products. There is a difficult process to clear our shipment. Often people quit their business of import and export, when they see that this process need a lot of courage, strength and investment. If we find a shipping company who can do the hectic process on behalf of a company then this business is so profitable.

Investing in New Business:

If you are planning to crawl in the business of import and export then you must contract with a shipping agency as it will deal with half of the issues which is related to this business. It also saves time of the owner and can serve that time on other things which includes searching of new clients locally and internationally.

Features of Shipping Company:

But before having a contract with a shipping company, we need to consider a few factors which need to be there in a shipping company. Otherwise, the life would become a real hell if they do not work as per their commitments. Following are the main features of choosing a shipping company.

Custom Clearance:

Custom clearance is the most difficult task in this business. Custom officer has the right to stop the shipments without visible reasons. They need to investigate and they take a lot of time. They want the shipment stay idle and do not will to clear so that it moves forward to a specific country.

Timely Delivery:

Having good relations with custom officer is not enough. They take a huge chunk of our crucial time in clearing it. A shipping company should have a good relationship that they clear shipment timely so that we get the delivery in the target country on time. If we do not get the delivery on time, no one will ever trust again and none international clients would shake hands with us for a business.

Importing Advice:

There are different modes available for delivering products. We have sea option and air option. A shipment company knows the pros and cons of each port. They can advise us as to which mode is better for independent products. A shipping company should have experienced staff and officers who has a command in convincing people and also the advice that they give to the customers have weightage.

If you are looking for customs clearance Auckland for your products to deliver in Australia or New Zeeland then contact Platinum Freight. We have been into this business for a long time and have good public relationships in custom office. We offer you affordable charges for each import. Come in touch with us a make business life lenient.

There are a number of travelers always in a hurry to pick the flight and they do fly to the different international destination. Getting and getting off flights is stressful. After landing if you won’t get the right transporting system, it will be a blunder and you may face severe consequences in order to get the right way to your destination. 

When it comes to choosing a car rental company, there are a number of important factors to consider to choose the right one. You should know that the car you want to hire, it is in the right condition to make you reach your destination within the deadline. Plus, the company from which you are going to rent the car is reliable and it is well reputable. The main thing is that, make an informed choice and do that. Here are some essential tips those will assist you to choose the right car rental company in a city.

  • Initially, you’ll need to know the terms and conditions for renting a car in your area or in the location where the car will be driven. It is always important and makes it more appropriate for your decision. It applies in cases, renting a single car or renting a fleet of cars. The most important thing is that the driver must be a certain age and he must have a legal driver’s license. Others will be thoroughly specified by different areas. In some cases, a credit check will keep you ahead from others while booking the car.
  • Make it sure that, the person will be driving the car has a clean driving record. Many car rental companies will reject the drivers who have traffic violations including recurring speeding tickets.
  • Most of the car rental companies will not accept a cash deposit for renting a vehicle. This is because; car hire and rental companies need a proper guarantee of payment for the services they will render for. This is the reason; you’ll be required to use a credit card in order to make your deposit.
  • Thoroughly check the size of the vehicle you want to hire. If you want to book them through online, visit the website and book the vehicles by thoroughly evaluating the details. If you are a team of members, you may not fit in one four or six seated cars. This is the reason; vehicle size is the most important thing to evaluate before choosing the right airport transfers Gold Coast.
  • Never underestimate the budget. This is your backbone of travel. Without evaluating the proper budget, you certainly can’t spend that in the right way. This is the reason, you should ask about the budget before choosing the airport transfers company you are going to hire.