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In all the Hollywood movies we have seen a charming lawyer fighting for his/her client and always succeed, ok! This is something imaginary and has nothing to do with the reality (there is nobody above the law). Doesn’t mean that lawyer cannot win any case, but the way it has been shown in the movies is certainly not true at all. The question arises can anybody manipulate the law itself the answer is YES! But still we consider law as the most powerful fundamental for the country (which is still true). There is a difference between scared of law or lawyer.

There are some common terms which we all are aware of in law, there are some designations which are quite common in Law such as: Buyers advocate Wollongong, Lawyer, Barrister and so on. The term advocate can be defined as a person who give advice regarding legal matters, the role of the advocate is to provide suitable advice to the clients in every way which can benefit the client in a legal issue. Moreover, a client can be represented in the court of law by an Advocate. Advocacy is a tough job as it truly involves some serious study of cases, analysis of facts and figures and above all to filter out the information from misinformation. In countries like India and Pakistan an advocate can earn up to Rs. 480,000/-

There are some basic principles for buyers agent Campbelltown and an advocate has to keep all of them while on the field such as: Freedom of thinking, clear purpose, privacy and confidentiality, concentrated approach, unbiased opportunity, monitoring and accessibility. Critical thinking and clear analysis are some of the common requisites which an advocate has to practice all the time during the case and even when he is not on the case. Advocacy involves the assistance of those who are not heard in the society (people who have the rights but still are not heard in the society) safeguarding the rights and fighting for the rights of the people are the most important job responsibility among all.

Overall there are some kinds of advocacy such as: Self advocacy, Peer advocacy  and system advocacy in order to briefly defined the above mentioned terms, self-advocacy pertains to fight for oneself (take actions in order to advocate himself/herself) whereas peer advocacy involves more matters in which the advocate act for the benefit of others and rights of others lastly, system advocacy is something when an advocate take actions for society, culture, political and economic systems. All in all it’s a responsibility for those who take it, yes there are some bad examples as well where people simple misuse their position and misuse the rights given to them as an advocate.